Types of computer pdf 2020

Types of computer pdf 2020

Techparticipant we share information In this post, you will find out about Computer fundamentals notes which will help you in Introduction to PC and disclose to you kinds of PCs and peripherals 


in the wake of perusing the post, you will have the option to characterize PC and its sorts and depict PC peripherals and notes on Computer basics pdf

Introduction to computer

Computer fundamentals notes are explained below:-

A PC is an electronic gadget that changes information starting with one gadget then onto the next gadget into significant data. The accompanying picture shows a PC:

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

The fundamental usefulness of PCs, independent of their size or make, as appeared in the accompanying figure:

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

a few attributes that have made use of PCs right around a need in life are they are quick, precise, industrious, versatile and have great stockpiling limits.

A PC comprises of different units or parts that empower it to play out its capacities.

The accompanying figure shows a square outline of the useful units of a PC

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

The four primary utilitarian units of a PC are portrayed underneath:

Input unit: These units acknowledge information or directions structure the client for preparing by utilizing the information fringe gadget.

Storage unit: It stores information and directions when handling. It is, for the most part, partitioned into two sections primary storage, and secondary storage.

a central processing unit(CPU): The central processing unit takes information and guidance from the capacity unit and procedures information as required, in light of the guidelines given and the sort of information gave.

This information is then sent back to the capacity unit in the wake of being prepared whenever required.

the unit incorporates the math rationale unit (ALU) which helps in performing counts utilizing number juggling administrators like expansion (+), subtraction(- ), etc.

This unit additionally utilizes examination administrators like more noteworthy than (>), not exactly (<) and equivalent to (=). The control unit controls every one of these activities, empowers recovering information from capacity and encourages store data back to a capacity gadget


Output unit: This unit is utilized for showing the outcome to the client in the necessary configuration by utilizing a yield fringe gadget.

Computer fundamentals notes explained Types of Computers

PCs can be ordered by their size, speed, and processing power. The accompanying table records the various kinds of PCs:


It is a single client PC with a single chip and a respectably incredible microchip. The various sorts of microcomputers are :

  • Desktop computer
  • Laptop computer
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

Mini Computer

It is a PC that can bolster several clients all the while and has more remarkable processors than a microcomputer. It is additionally called mid-range PC

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

Main Frame

It is a multi-client framework, similar to a minicomputer yet the innovation is not quite the same as that of a minicomputer. It is utilized to deal with and process a lot of information, for example, in banks and government workplaces.

Super Computer

It is the quickest and most costly PC framework. It is utilized for complex logical calculation and numerical counts, for example, climate determining, atomic reproductions, and astronomy.

Computers are commonly classified as:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Server


The laptop is a battery or interchange current (AC)- controlled, convenient, remote individual computer(PC), for the most part littler than the size of an attaché. It is a little PC with a “clamshell” structure factor, a meager Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or Light Emitting Diode PC screen on the upper segment and a console on the lower some portion of the “clamshell”.

The following image shows a laptop and an internal view of the laptop:

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020


A work area is a PC that is made to be utilized on or approach a work area or a table and isn’t compact. A work area PC has a mouse, a console and a base unit that incorporates the PC’s parts. Some more up to date models include the base unit inside the screen to spare space.

The following images show a desktop computer along with its system unit or CPU and peripherals.

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020


A server PC is a focal PC, which contains an assortment of information and projects. It is otherwise called a system server as it permits all the associated frameworks to share and store information and applications. Document servers and application servers are the two fundamental kinds of servers. The accompanying picture shows a server PC associated with different PCs:

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

Types of computer Peripherals

Peripherals gadgets are the info/yield that is commonly used to take care of data and guidance into a PC for capacity or handling and to show yield. The fringe gadgets are classified as appeared in the accompanying figure:

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

Input devices

A device is any device that gives a contribution to a PC. There are many info gadgets, for example, a console and mouse. Some info gadgets are clarified as follows:


A mouse is an information gadget, used to make determinations and move protests on a PC screen. A mouse can be with a laser or a ball, wired or remote.

Some different types of mouse are shown in the following image :

Computer fundamentals notes 2020
Computer fundamentals notes 2020

though the mouse is considered a peripheral, it is a vital device and essential for using ecomputers notes.


A keyboard is one of the essential information gadgets and it seems to be like those found on electric typewriters. The accompanying picture shows a watchword:

keyboard permit clients to enter letters, numbers and different images into a PC that can fill in as orders or be utilized to type content.



A scanner peruses documents(text and photos) and stores it in the PC to which it is associated. The physical report is changed over to advanced configuration after it gets checked. The computerized archive can be seen and changed on a PC. Prior a product should be introduced in the PC for scanners to work however now all the frameworks have inbuilt settings to identify the scanner naturally. Essential checking programming permits the client to import information from it. scanners with level examining surfaces are reasonable for books, pages, photos, etc.

Output Devices

An output device gets data from the CPU and presents it to the client in the necessary organization. The prepared information put away in the memory of the PC is sent to the yield unit, which at that point changes over it into a structure that can be comprehended by the client. The yield is ordinarily introduced either on a showcase gadget, for example, a screen or on paper (printed copy) with the assistance of a printer.


The monitor is an output device, additionally called a visual showcase unit (VDU) that shows the graphical and printed data of the PC. The accompanying picture shows an LCD screen:


A printer is a fringe gadget that is utilized to show illustrations or content on paper. They are an extraordinary asset however they ought to be utilized in a controlled manner. Their abuse puts superfluous mileage on them and furthermore goes through costly connections and paper. There are sorts of printers dependent on its use.

  • Individual printers: These printers are intended for individual use might be associated with just a solitary PC. They are utilized for low-volume littler printing, requiring insignificant arrangement time to deliver a printed copy of a given record.
  • Organized or shared printers: These are commonly utilized for high-volume and quicker printing. They are shared by numerous clients on a system.
  • Virtual printer: It is a bit of programming whose UI takes after a printer driver yet it isn’t associated with a PC printer. It is commonly utilized for authentic purposes or as a contribution to another product.


Speakers get sound signals as a contribution from the sound card of the PC and produce them as sound waves as sound yield.

Storage Devices

Storage Devices, additionally called capacity media, are equipment gadgets that are utilized to store information or data. It can store data briefly or for all time. These gadgets can be added to the PC remotely or inside. Storage Devices are of two sorts :

  • Magnetic storage: Incorporates hard plate drive, attractive tapes, floppy drive, etc.
  • Optical storage: Incorporates CD-R, CD-RW, Blue-beam circle, DVD, streak drive, etc. It utilizes laser beams or light to get to the information in it.

Hard Disks

A hard disk is a gadget that stores information on a PC for all time. A hard drive is an assortment of at least one disk or platters protected with attractive to which information is composed with the assistance of an attractive head. Hard plates are associated with the motherboard utilizing extraordinary links, for example, PATA(Parallel ATA), SATA(serial ATA), USB or SAS (sequential appended SCSI) links and they are fueled by a force supply unit.

On account of a PC, the equipment parts and gadgets that tag along in the bundle are equivalent to that of a work area with the exception of a couple of changes; rather than a mouse, the PC has touchpads or trackpads and rather than outer force source, the PC has an inner battery.


CD/DVDs are kinds of optical circle drives that utilization laser light or electromagnetic waves for perusing and composing information. Various sorts of CD/DVDs are :

  • Compact disc/DVD-R where R represents recordable. Cd/DVD can be composed once and perused commonly.
  • Disc/DVD-RW where RW represents rewritable. Compact disc/DVD-RW permits the perusing of information ordinarily and furthermore the information can be eradicated and composed once more.
  • Disc/DVD-ROM where ROM represents read-just memory. Cd/DVD-ROM permits the perusing of information that is as of now present on the CD.

Floppy Disk Drive

is a typical stockpiling gadget that can in any case found in numerous old work stations. It very well may be perused and compose utilizing a floppy circle drive. It is a plate of slight and adaptable attractive stockpiling that is fixed in a rectangular plastic fenced-in area. Floppy disk is accessible in various sizes:

  • 8-inch(200mm)
  • 5¼-inch(133mm)
  • 3½-inch(90)


Types of computer pdf 2020 with the goal that you have found out about the Computer fundamentals notes 2020 now, you can characterize a PC and its peripherals. In the event that you truly like this post notes on computer fundamental or need more on types of computer pdf notes any subject identified with these, you can remark on us. we are happy to see you once more.

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