Self Analysis-Attitude and achievement motivation 2020

Self Analysis

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To genuinely accomplish your maximum capacity, you have to investigate yourself and discover what sort of individual you truly are. This endeavor to comprehend your character is known as self-analysis. Surveying yourself as such will assist you with developing, and will likewise assist you with identifying territories inside yourself that should be additionally evolved, changed, or disposed of. You can all the more likely comprehend yourself by investigating what propels you, what your demeanor resembles, and what your qualities and shortcoming are.


What is motivation?

Self Analysis-Attitude and achievement motivation 2020
Self Analysis-Attitude and achievement motivation 2020


Simply put, inspiration is your purpose behind acting or carrying on in a certain way. It is critical to comprehend that not every person is inspired by similar wants individuals are propelled by numerous, a wide range of things. We can comprehend this better by taking a gander at Maslow’s Hierarchy of necessities.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of necessities


Renowned American analyst Abraham Maslow needed to comprehend what spurs individuals. He accepted that individuals have five sorts of necessities, running from fundamental needs ( called physiological requirements) to progressively significant necessities that are required for self – development (called self-realization needs). Between the physiological and self-realization needs are three different needs – security needs


belongingness and love needs, and regard needs.


These requirements are generally appeared as a pyramid with five levels and are known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


As should be obvious from the pyramid, the least level delineates the most essential needs. Maslow accepted that our conduct is roused by our essential needs until those necessities are met.


When they are satisfied, we move to the following level and are inspired by the following degree of necessities. How about we comprehend this better with a model.


Rupa originates from an exceptionally poor family. she never has enough nourishment, water, warmth, or rest.


As indicated by Maslow, until Rupa is certain that she will get these essential needs, she won’t consider the following degree of requirements her wellbeing needs, But, once Rupa is sure that her fundamental needs will be met, she will move to the following level, and her conduct will at that point be inspired by her requirement for security and security. When these new needs are met, Rupa will by and by a move to the following level, and be propelled by her requirement for connections and companions. When this need is fulfilled, Rupa will at that point center around the fourth degree of requirements her regard needs, after which she will climb to the fifth and last degree of necessities the longing to accomplish her maximum capacity.


Understanding Achievement Motivation


We currently realize that individuals are propelled by fundamental, mental, and self – fulfilments needs. Be that as it may, certain individuals are likewise roused by the accomplishment of profoundly testing achievements. This is known as Achievement Motivation, or ‘requirements for accomplishment’. The degree of inspiration accomplishment in an individual contrasts from people to people. It is significant that business visionaries have an elevated level of


Accomplishment inspiration a profound want to achieve something significant and exceptional. It is similarly significant that they enlist individuals who are additionally profoundly energetic by testing and achievement.

What Motivates You?

What are the things that really motivate you? List down five things that really motivate you.

Remember to answer honestly!

I am motivated by:



Characteristics of Entrepreneurs with Achievement Motivation

Entrepreneurs with achievement motivation can be described as follows:

  • Unafraid to take risks for personal accomplishment
  • Love being challenged
  • Future-oriented
  • Flexible and adaptive
  • Value negative feedback more than positive feedback
  • Very persistent when it comes to achieving goals
  • Extremely courageous
  • Highly creative and innovative
  • Restless-constantly looking to achieve more
  • Feel personality responsible for solving problems

Think about it:

  • How many of these traits do you have?
  • Can you think of entrepreneurs who display these traits?

What is attitude?

Self Analysis-Attitude and achievement motivation 2020
Self Analysis-Attitude and achievement motivation 2020

Now that we understand why motivation is so important for self- analysis, Let’s look at the role our attitude plays in better understanding ourselves. Attitude can be described as your tendency(positive or negative ), to think and feel about someone or something. Attitude is the foundation for success in every aspect of life. Our attitude can be our best friend or our worst enemy. In other words:

Now that we understand why motivation is so important for self – analysis, let’s look at the role our attitude plays in better understanding ourselves. Attitude can be described as your tendency (positive or negative),  to think and feel about someone or something. Attitude is the foundation for success in every aspect of life. Our attitude can be our best friend or our worst enemy. In other words:

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

When you start a business, you are sure to encounter a wide variety of emotions, from difficult times and failures to good times and successes. Your attitude is what will see you through the tough times and guide you towards success. Attitude is also infectious. It affects everyone around you, from your customers to your employees to your investors. A positive attitude helps build confidence in the workplace while a negative attitude is likely to result in the demotivation of your people.

How to cultivate a positive attitude?

The good news is attitude is a choice. So, it is possible to improve, control, and change our attitude, if we decide we want to!

The following tips help foster a positive mindset:

  • Remember that you control your attitude, not the other way around
  • Devote at least 15 minutes a day towards reading, watching or listening to something positive
  • Avoid negative people who only complain and  stop complaining yourself
  • Expand your vocabulary with positive words and delete negative phrases from your mind
  • Be appreciative and focus on what’s good in yourself, in your life, and in others
  • Stop thinking of yourself as a victim and start being proactive
  • Imagine yourself succeeding and achieving your goals

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Another way to analyze yourself is by honestly identifying your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you use your strengths to your best advantage and reduce your weaknesses.  Note down all your strengths and weaknesses in the two columns below. Remember to be honest with yourself!

                      Strengths                              Weaknesses



·         Achievement motivation can be learned.

·         Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

·         Train yourself to finish what you start

·         Dream big.


A study of monitoring yourself, what you think and what you do.


What’s your best speculation?


Cash? Or then again Big House? Or on the other hand Your Luxury Car?


It’s YOU.


Putting resources into yourself gives you the best Returns on Investment.


What’s more, it begins with self-investigation. It encourages you to monitor your capacities, your condition, your quality, your shortcoming — and become the best form of yourself.


It permits you to concentrate on the main thing to you and improve the personal satisfaction.


The individual who realizes you better than any other individual is YOU.


To begin investing some energy with you so as to turn into a successful person.


Furthermore, I’m offering it to you. Give it simply your  10 Minutes. All that is required from you is a fair responsibility to address the inquiries.


  1. Create certainty.


You should create certainty to take activities that will propel you and your business or vocation. However, building certainty isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. The best individuals are the individuals who can deal with the logical inconsistencies of life; who know about yet not obliged by their constraints. Frailty impairs us from overcoming our inward evil spirits and making a big deal about our lives. Self-importance makes us put on a show of being smartypants, which dissolves our degree of impact, and inevitably individuals will quit tuning in to us. Certainty is the exercise in careful control among pride and vulnerability, and it is a work in progress.


You should create certainty to take activities that will propel you and your business or vocation.


  1. Work it out.


You have to encircle yourself with confided in companions and tutors who will be straightforward with you about your presentation and what zones need improvement. Hear them out. Hear yourself out.


This capacity to all the while uncertainty and believe yourself is at the center of powerful self-appraisal. For instance, numerous individuals end up more than once colliding with a similar block divider, never evolving course. In the event that I end up obstructed every step of the way—regardless of whether as a result of individuals above me or maybe by some serious circumstance—I step back and refocus. At the point when we experience different disappointments, our temperament is to be faulted conditions, others, the value of the universe. Be that as it may, we likewise need to step back and ask, Could it be me?


This is the place the capacity to have a subjective conversation with yourself comes in, where you can withdraw and take a gander at the circumstance with a more extended view. That point of view is basic to deciding if your activities are aiding or harming you and your association.


  1. Make your turn.


You can cautiously plot your own prosperity and assess your viability as you come, however toward the day’s end, you need to get out there and play in rush hour gridlock. You are never going to be completely prepared or arranged; there is no timetable of required classes. You need to meet individuals, create connections, and swap best practices. You need to get things going. Trust your solid self-assurance and inward gyrator to keep you on the correct course


Why You Should Do a Formal Self Assessment


What amount do you think about yourself? On the off chance that you resemble the vast majority, you most likely need to give a great deal of thought to this inquiry before you can answer it. You may recognize what your leisure activities are and that you are (or aren’t) a social butterfly. You most likely couldn’t clarify, effortlessly, what business-related qualities are essential to you, and, while you may know a few things that you are acceptable at, you might not have a total rundown of every one of your aptitudes. Regardless of whether you could give a once-over of all of your attributes, there’s a decent possibility you don’t have a clue how to utilize that data to assist you with finding a vocation that is a solid match. Using an assortment of self-evaluation devices will assist you with assembling all the bits of the riddle.


Life systems of a Self Assessment


A self-analysis, to be successful, must consider a person’s business-related qualities, interests, character type, and aptitudes. These attributes make up what your identity is, so overlooking any of them won’t offer you a precise response. How about we investigate everyone.


Business-related Values: Your qualities are the thoughts and convictions that are imperative to you. Your business-related qualities can incorporate independence, esteem, security, relational connections, helping other people, adaptable work routine, outside work, relaxation time, and significant pay. In the event that you consider these things while picking a profession, you have a superior possibility of accomplishing work fulfillment.


Interests: Your preferences with respect to different exercises make up your inclinations. E.K. Solid and different therapists found numerous years prior that individuals who share comparable interests likewise appreciate a similar kind of work. In view of this hypothesis he created what is currently called the Strong Interest Inventory, an appraisal many professional improvement specialists use to help their customers with vocation arranging. Instances of interests incorporate perusing, running, hitting the fairway, and sewing.


Character Type: Your character type is comprised of your social qualities, persuasive drives, needs, and perspectives. Carl Jung, a Swiss therapist, built up a hypothesis of character that is broadly utilized in vocation arranging and is the reason for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a profoundly well-known character stock. Realizing what your sort is can assist you with picking an occupation since specific character types are more qualified to specific professions, just as workplaces, than are others.


Fitness: Aptitude alludes to a person’s normal ability, took in the capacity, or ability to procure expertise. Models incorporate math, science, visual workmanship, music, verbal or composed correspondence, understanding cognizance, rationale and thinking, manual skill, mechanics, or spatial relations. You may have different aptitudes. It is critical to remember that having an inclination for something, doesn’t mean you will essentially like doing it. Or then again you may appreciate doing it, yet not for work. That is something to remember when you pick a profession.

Ponder your youth encounters. Understanding what your identity is and why you do the things that you do isn’t in every case simple. Quite a bit of what drives conduct and self-observation is the consequence of intuitive perspectives and convictions. It’s imperative to dive somewhere down so as to make sense of how you genuinely observe yourself on a subliminal level. Here are a couple of inquiries you might need to pose yourself:



As a youngster, did I feel tuned in to or would I say I was cruelly condemned?


Is it true that I was addressed consciously or would I say I was overlooked, condemned, or prodded?


Did I get suitable consideration and warmth or would I say I was dismissed?


Is it true that I was truly, obnoxiously, or explicitly mishandled?


Were my achievements perceived?


Were my deficiencies and disappointments acknowledged or would I say I was castigated?


Is it true that I was constantly expected to be great?

Monitor your states of mind. Save a diary with you for a whole day. At whatever point you feel a move in your mind-set, record what you are feeling. This is the initial phase in distinguishing what your inward voice is imparting to you.


The internal voice isn’t really a voice that you hear with your ears. Rather, it is the assortment of musings that you experience. These musings are frequently so profoundly implanted in the psyche that you may not remember them when they happen. Rather you’ll most likely simply experience an adjustment in disposition.


Your inward voice is either certifying or self-defeating.[2] People with sound confidence for the most part experience a tolerant and consoling internal voice. Notwithstanding, individuals with low confidence by and large experience a cruel, reformatory, and basic internal voice.


Journaling can be intense for certain individuals, particularly in the event that you expound on past injuries that you have not completely prepared. On the off chance that you find that journaling is upsetting you or causing you trouble dealing with regular daily existence for the afternoon or week subsequent to endeavoring to the diary, talk with an advisor who can help you diary beneficially while keeping you solid.


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