Problem Solving Skills 2020

Problem Solving Skills

In this post, you will read about Problem Solving Skills 2020. Problem Solving & Negotiation Skills: What is a Problem?

In a stressful life, we have a number of problems. We must know what is a Problem? and how to solve a problem. We must know some skills to solve the problem. People like it if you have Problem Solving skills.

What is a Problem?

As per the Concise Oxford Dictionary(1995), a problem is, “A doubtful or difficult matter requiring a solution”

All problems contain two elements:



The aim of problem-solving is to recognize the obstacles and remove them in order to achieve the goals.

Problem Solving Skills 2020

How to Solve Problems?

Solving a problem requires a level of rational thinking. Here are some logical steps to follow when faced with an issue:

Step 1: Identify the problem

Step 2: Study the problem in detail

Step 3: List all possible solutions

Step 4: Select the best solution

Step 5: Implement the chosen solution

Step 6: Check that the problem has really been solved

Important Traits for Problem Solving

Highly developed problem-solving skills are critical for both, business owners and their employees. The following personality traits play a big role in how effectively problems are solved:

Being open-minded Not panicking

Asking the right questions Having a positive attitude

Being proactive Focusing on the right problem

How to Assess for Problem Solving Skills?

As an entrepreneur, it would be a good idea to assess the level of problem-solving skills of potential candidates before hiring them. Some ways to assess this skill are through:

  1. Application forms: Ask for proof of the candidate’s problem-solving skills in the application form.
  2. Psychometric tests: Give potential candidates logical reasoning and critical thinking tests and see how they fare.
  3. Interviews: Create hypothetical problematic situations or raise ethical questions and see how the candidates respond.
  4. Technical questions: Give candidates examples of real-life problems and evaluate their thought process.

What is Negotiation?

Negotiation is a method used to settle differences. The aim of negotiation is to resolve differences through a compromise or agreement while avoiding disputes. Without negotiation, conflicts are likely to lead to resentment between people. Good negotiation skills can helps to satisfy both parties and go a long way towards developing strong relationships.

Why Negotiate?

Take a look at some steps to help you negotiate:

Step 1: Pre- Negotiation preparationAgree on where to meet to discuss the problem, decide who all will be present and set a time limit for the discussion.
Step 2: Discuss the problemThis involves asking questions, listening to the other side, putting your views forward and clarifying doubts.;
Step 3: Clarify the ObjectiveEnsure that both parties want to solve the same problem and reach the same goal.
Step 4: Aim for a Win-Win OutcomeTry your best to be open-minded when negotiating Compromise and offer alternate solutions to reach an outcome where both parties win.
Step 5: Clearly Define the AgreementWhen an agreement has been reached, the details of the agreement should be crystal clear to both sides, with no scope for misunderstanding
Step 6: Implement the Agreed Upon SolutionAgree on a course of action to set the solution in motion


1.Know exactly what you want before you work towards getting it
2. Give more importance to listening and thinking, than speaking
3. Focus on building a relationship rather than winning
4. Remember that your people skills will affect the outcome
5. Know when to walk away-sometimes reaching an agreement may not be possible


Hope you like in the above Problem-Solving Skills post, you learned something new in this post. we shared our knowledge which may help you in your career. You can share your opinion and suggestions below.

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