Importance of communication skills essay

Importance of communication skills essay

In this post we learn about communication skills: Listening & speaking the importance of listening effectively.

Listening is the first ability to correctly receive and understand messages during the process of communication on any topic you want to discuss. Listening is critical for effective communication.

Importance of communication skills essay
Importance of communication skills essay

Without listening skills, when you communicate messages of a speaker can easily be misunderstood. This results in a communication breakdown and can lead to the sender and the receiver of the message becoming frustrated or irritated.

It’s very important to note that listening is not the same as hearing. Hearing just refers to sounds that you hear. Listening is a whole lot more than that. To listen, one requires focus.

It means not only paying attention to the story, but also focusing on how the story is relayed, the way language and voice are used, and even how the speaker uses their body language. The ability of listening depends on how effectively one can perceive and understand both, verbal and non-verbal cues.

How to listen effectively?

To listen effectively you should:

  • Stop talking
  • pay attention to the tone that is being used
  • stop interrupting
  • pay attention to the speaker’s gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements
  • Focus completely on what is being said
  • Not try and rush the person
  • Nod and use encouraging words and gestures
  • Be open-minded
  • Not let the speaker’s mannerisms or habits irritate or distract you
  • Think about the speaker’s perspective
  • Be very, very patient

The importance of speaking effectively

How successfully a message gets conveyed depends entirely on how effectively you are able to get it through. An effective speaker is one who enunciates properly, pronounces words correctly, choose the right words and speakers at a pace that is easily understandable.

Besides this, the words you spoke out loud need to match the gestures, tone and body language you used. on any topic that you speak, and the tone in which you say it results in numerous perceptions being formed. When a person speaks hesitantly may be perceived as having low self-esteem or lacking in knowledge of the discussed topic.

Those who have a quiet voice may very well be labeled as unconfident and shying. And the person who speaks in commanding tones with high levels of pitch and clarity, are usually considered to be extremely confident. This makes speaking a very critical of communication skill.

How to speak Effectively?

To speak effectively you should:

  • Incorporate body language in your speech like eye contact, smiling, nodding, gesturing, etc.
  • Build a draft of your speech before actually making your speech.
  • Ensure that all your emotions and feelings are under control.
  • Pronounce your words distinctly with the correct pitch and intensity. Your speech should be crystal clear at all times. Use a pleasant and natural tone when speaking. Your audience should not feel like you are putting on an accent or being unnatural in any way.
  • Use precise and specific words to drive your message home. Ambiguity should be avoided at all costs.
  • Ensure that your speech has a logical flow.
  • Be brief. Don’t add any unnecessary information.
  • Make a conscious effort to avoid irritating mannerisms like fidgeting, twitching, etc.
  • Choose your words carefully and use simple words that the majority of the audience will have no difficulty understanding.
  • Use visual aids like slides or a whiteboard.
  • Speak slowly so that your audience can easily understand what you’re saying. However, be careful not to speak too slowly because this can come across as stiff, unprepared or even condescending.
  • Remember to pause at the right moments.
If you’re finding it difficult to focus on what someone is saying, try repeating their words in your head.
Always maintain eye contact with the person that you are communicating with, when speaking as well as listening. This conveys and also encourages interest in the conversation.

In the above post Importance of communication skills essay so we learned communication skills: Listening & speaking the importance of listening effectively. It will help you to communicate in a smart way

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